Rules for wearing jewelry chains that are worth knowing

For many times, women and men have been wearing chains. This piece of jewelry demonstrates not only the wealth of its owner, but also complements the external image. In women, for example, it emphasizes the beautiful neckline of a blouse, attracts the attention of others. A strong floor chain with an original weave gives solidity. And as a rule, the chains are thicker than those of beautiful ladies.


The choice of length depends on the taste of the person, the style of clothing, the features of the body. Most manufacturers produce chains with a length multiple of 5 cm. The size range starts from 35 cm and can reach up to 75 cm.

a short chain of 40 cm in length is suitable for thin men and teenagers. It can be supplemented with a pendant. Universal size at 50 cm, suitable for most. Long at 55 cm will emphasize the beauty of a muscular body and successfully fit into the style of men of strong physique

a beautiful neck of a fragile woman will be successfully emphasized by a short chain of 35-40 cm. To the decollete area, a product with a length of 45-50 cm will attract attention and is well suited for ladies of medium build. Also, the image can be successfully supplemented with a cross or a pendant. Long chains of 60 cm are usually worn over clothing and emphasize the chest.


When choosing a chain, pay attention to its clasp. It should be not only reliable, but also convenient. Do not cling to hair or clothing, open and close quickly and easily. The lock should not be flimsy, loose. This will save you from losing your jewelry

a round clasp (springel) is popular. But it has an old-fashioned appearance. The spring, which is located inside the mechanism, eventually begins to hold the closing flap worse and can open at the most inopportune moment

fasteners in the form of a carabiner are highly reliable and look decent on jewelry. At the same time, they can cling to clothes and open

in the form of an eight, the fastenings can not be called reliable. They are made of thin wire and often open


Multi-layer decorations

Perfect for a special event or everyday life. You can play with the length and make the image elegant, stunning. Complete the chains with pendants and pendants. You can also combine products made of different precious metals and colors. Modern fashion is playful-it expects imagination and courage from us


Wedding ring on a chain

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger. But some choose an unusual way and hang a ring on a chain, getting an extravagant decoration. The ring symbolizes the fidelity of the spouses and, if desired, it can be hidden under clothes


Cross and pendant on the same chain

There is no direct prohibition to wear a cross and a pendant on the same chain. In most cases, the cross and the pendant are worn on different products. The chain for the cross should be chosen in such a length that it can be worn under clothing. In this case, it is desirable to use both accessories from the same metal or hang a cross on a special string


Children's chain

The baby should not wear a precious chain early. A child can tear it and lose it. The product for a small fashionista should not be too heavy. It is better to choose a small length, so that during the game it does not accidentally catch. The most suitable size is twice the girth of the child's neck in centimeters. You should also pay attention to the clasp. It must be reliable and secure